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Borsec is a pure and balanced natural mineral water, with a medium mineral content and an excellent taste.

Format : 6 x 1.5 L

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Borsec is situated in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, and is one of the most renown curative spas in the subalpine, windless, peat-rich county of Harghita. It is listed in the register of historical monuments. Bottling of Borsec commenced over two hundred years ago; since modernization in 1992, the facility outputs two million liters per month of its legendary “Regina Apelor Minerale SA Borsec” (Mineral Water Queen Borsec).

Naturally carbonated mineral water – chemical composition: mg/l

Hydrogencarbonate: 1608
Calcium: 362
Magnesium: 107
Sodium: 72,1
Dry Residue (180oC): 1511
pH: 5,89
CO2: min.2500 mg/l


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